"Cheshire in a Chatroom" is a small PICO-8 game made for Jamulator 2021, a game jam where you have to make a simulation-based game. In this case, this submission is a  drawing chatroom simulator, it's meant to mimic the pitcochat rooms on the Nintendo DS but on an older console.

In "Cheshire in a Chatroom", you'll take on the role of a kid entering a similar type of chatroom, you'll send messages, drawings and... meet a new friend? There are 5 different endings to get, with a single playthrough taking up to 10 minutes.


In the dead of night, there's an emptiness that takes hold of me. Alone at home, with nothing better to do, I take out my gaming console...

It's the 1980s and you're a kid who's playing on their ------ console. Your game's corrupted, none of your friends are online, and pico_chat  (a drawing online chatroom) seems to be the only thing you can enter.

- MORE? -

This project (which was made for a game jam) is doing a lot better than expected! I'd like to thank everyone who's been playing, doing videos, or leaving comments below :)

If you're interested in a horror game with a more fleshed out story, an eldritch horror world and with debating, then feel free to check out "A Monster's Insight" :)

Link to my other horror game "A Monster's Insight"

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(34 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Interactive Fiction, Visual Novel
Made withPICO-8
TagsGame Boy, Horror, Multiple Endings, PICO-8, Pixel Art, Retro, Short


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i realized my skills in pixel art aint that bad, i was laughing in agony though trying to decipher tf he was wanting me to draw lmfao

i can't start/get info on the little apps? im pressing O(as it says) and i tried to use my mouse and even used X and V as someone said in a comment.

im lost? help?

im probobably doing something wrong but idk what it is lol


i was supposed to press z :P

I got the 1 ending, I saw that people got different endings, the game is very fun with the story, it doesn't take too much time and the game is nice by having the idea of drawing the story.

My note 8/10. I think the game should have more to do outside the story that we draw.

I reach to 5 endings! just try to draw the lore; it's matter. 

when the face showed up I instinctively wrote "sus"


I wish the pencil was more accurate. Its a few pixels off from where it actually is

Ok I'm definitely doing something wrong; 
I cannot start a single game on the console ingame and then it went back to the starting screen and now it won't let me log into the game or console.... How do I start the game? And how do I start cards? Sorry Im really probably doing something wrong but still 

I tried all the buttons the game says I should press, but it does nothing. I'm probably just really doing something wrong tho. 

Press the game screen with your mouse, press (X) or (V), the game control is focused on using your mouse to write the story.

Oh- Oh! .... oooooooh That makes a whole lot of sense LOL thank you so much

it is 12 at night and i am in a pitch black room i am afraid

got ending 4, 2b and i think ending 3

I got ending 3, never knew an 8bit game could be so scary lol

Got ending 4

cool game but when I have an 2nd ending it jumpscared me O_O


wow this was charming! i'm playing in the middle of the night and yeahhhh wasn't expecting that heh but i really lliked it

deleted my account xD

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ending 4 ending 3 @ 11:12 in uk time 11:18 uk time cant ending 1 or 2 painnnnnnnn

so hard tbh 11:26 finaly got ending 1 ending 2 and ill be done cant wait no offence

2b how doi get 2a bc idk

fuck it i cant be bothered to do it anymore 5 star ***** 

2a finally 12.04 still number 1

I got ending 2 from drawing fast and going to wonderland.

I did too but i got 3

I don't understand how to get the other endings.  I got the endings where you have the 2 choices of what to do.  When you go to the wonderland or run away.  I also got something that I think is an ending where I log out.  I think the other 2 have something to do with the games "Kit-O7" and "Lillypad" but they don't work.

Nope! Endings aren't dependent on the games "Kit-07" and "Lilypad".

Try saying different things and spending more/less time on the drawings :)

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Is an ending deleting your account? at the beginning

I did that too.

It's a cool game but... i dont really know how to get the third and second ending i only got the 4th and first

how u get number 1 

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This is a very fun to play game! Quite scary but that's the reason I played! It has been one of the best games I played on itch.io

Wow thank you so much for playing! I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)




ohh nooo :'c itsokiii


this is such a cool game!!!!! :]


that was uuuuuuuuu kinda creepy

i pressed delete account and i think i crashed the game-

I doubt it! Most likely the game ended, if you want to play again you have to reload the webpage/restart the console :)


i did not expect that


i now hate cats



i want to fucking murder that stupid cat


Well im never playing games with a virtual cat again.


Awesome game! Was NOT expecting to get spooked!


Thank you so much for playing! I didn't know people would be scared (to me it's more unsettling) but I'm glad that's the case :)


Loved the concept and execution! Great work.

Thank you so much for doing a video on my game! It's lovely to see a father and son play it together :) Very interesting drawings from you!


One Dream

All Reality


i deleted my account.


*rat stabs mouse*      

*jazz music stops*

(1 edit) (+3)

all I wanted was a rodent wedding 馃様

I'm sorry but it had to be done


I got ending 3.


can i get a clue on how to get ending 2a and b? btw its a reallyyy cool gamee! :)

(1 edit)

To get ending 2 (a or b) you'll have to put effort into your drawings (if cheshire says "it was perfect" for the wedding and says "ok fine" for the first drawing you're good to go).

Also, you have to respond cynically/not interested (e.g. "isn't that just roleplay?", "i'm not playing anymore")

i took screenshots of my drawings and those were not any effort whatsoever

i got ending 2b by just being cool to the cat and trying not to delete my account. hope this helps!


this was freakin scary


Ending 4. Feels like a horror game type of ending.

agree ;_'


ending 1: hey wait, i don't wanna be an alice in wonderland!

Heyo I'm playing on web but my mouse keeps disappearing so it won't let me play-

hi! If you're playing on web, make sure to move your mouse cursor to the centre of the game screen. The cursor won't show if your mouse is moved off of the game screen.

In case web still doesn't work, there's a downloadable version for windows, mac and linux :)


Oh alrighty thank you! ^^


ending 2b lets go traumatized for life

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