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I have a slight glitch, basically whenever I get the first line of dialogue the mouse freezes

Fixed!Nevermind :D

Hi! Pico-8 cartrige possible? Thanks!

I deleted my account and I think I broke the game.

fun game with a well-done mechanic, especially considering how much of pico-8 coding has to be from scratch! charming way to create a pseudo-interactive medium. after painstakingly drawing a broken jack, proceeded to come face to face with the actual jack

bru lowkey I think the cat got pissed at me because each time I drew something it was a pp

I can't press the X button on any of the icons. Do you mind fixing that?

literally the second thing i did was delete my account lol

I wrote "kys" at the end of one of my runs and got jumpscared by Jack.

very spooky


i know im not the only one who immediately went to settings and deleted the account


there was a stupid hacker in my chat room

this game looks cute 


Any chance you'll release a p8.png cart file for this. I'm hoping to be able to play it with a handheld that I'm setting up to run Pico-8 games. Cheers


i realized my skills in pixel art aint that bad, i was laughing in agony though trying to decipher tf he was wanting me to draw lmfao

i can't start/get info on the little apps? im pressing O(as it says) and i tried to use my mouse and even used X and V as someone said in a comment.

im lost? help?

im probobably doing something wrong but idk what it is lol


i was supposed to press z :P

I got the 1 ending, I saw that people got different endings, the game is very fun with the story, it doesn't take too much time and the game is nice by having the idea of drawing the story.

My note 8/10. I think the game should have more to do outside the story that we draw.

I reach to 5 endings! just try to draw the lore; it's matter. 

when the face showed up I instinctively wrote "sus"


I wish the pencil was more accurate. Its a few pixels off from where it actually is

Ok I'm definitely doing something wrong; 
I cannot start a single game on the console ingame and then it went back to the starting screen and now it won't let me log into the game or console.... How do I start the game? And how do I start cards? Sorry Im really probably doing something wrong but still 

I tried all the buttons the game says I should press, but it does nothing. I'm probably just really doing something wrong tho. 

Press the game screen with your mouse, press (X) or (V), the game control is focused on using your mouse to write the story.

Oh- Oh! .... oooooooh That makes a whole lot of sense LOL thank you so much

it is 12 at night and i am in a pitch black room i am afraid

got ending 4, 2b and i think ending 3

I got ending 3, never knew an 8bit game could be so scary lol

Got ending 4

cool game but when I have an 2nd ending it jumpscared me O_O


wow this was charming! i'm playing in the middle of the night and yeahhhh wasn't expecting that heh but i really lliked it

deleted my account xD

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ending 4 ending 3 @ 11:12 in uk time 11:18 uk time cant ending 1 or 2 painnnnnnnn

so hard tbh 11:26 finaly got ending 1 ending 2 and ill be done cant wait no offence

2b how doi get 2a bc idk

fuck it i cant be bothered to do it anymore 5 star ***** 

2a finally 12.04 still number 1

I got ending 2 from drawing fast and going to wonderland.

I did too but i got 3

I don't understand how to get the other endings.  I got the endings where you have the 2 choices of what to do.  When you go to the wonderland or run away.  I also got something that I think is an ending where I log out.  I think the other 2 have something to do with the games "Kit-O7" and "Lillypad" but they don't work.

Nope! Endings aren't dependent on the games "Kit-07" and "Lilypad".

Try saying different things and spending more/less time on the drawings :)

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Is an ending deleting your account? at the beginning

I did that too.

It's a cool game but... i dont really know how to get the third and second ending i only got the 4th and first

how u get number 1 

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This is a very fun to play game! Quite scary but that's the reason I played! It has been one of the best games I played on

Wow thank you so much for playing! I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)




ohh nooo :'c itsokiii


this is such a cool game!!!!! :]


that was uuuuuuuuu kinda creepy

i pressed delete account and i think i crashed the game-

I doubt it! Most likely the game ended, if you want to play again you have to reload the webpage/restart the console :)


i did not expect that


i now hate cats



i want to fucking murder that stupid cat


Well im never playing games with a virtual cat again.

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