This game uses the standard PICO-8 controls.

Keyboard keypico-8 buttonFunction
X or M or V( X )Confirm/ open inventory
Z or N or C( O )Cancel


The objective is to leave the watchtower. You need to escape each floor, but in order to do so, you must complete the floor's given goal before you can use the exit. There is one green tablet on each floor that will tell you what flowers to plant and water.

In order to plant the flowers do the following:

  1. Bump into the "dirt" in order to dig up the soil
  2. Equip the chosen flower in your inventory 
  3. Bump into the "dirt" again to place the flower
  4. Bump into the water shed (blue) to collect water
  5. Bump into the flower placed to water it
  6. Now the chosen flower has been watered*

*Each flower has different "water requirements". Thyme (green) requires 1 unit of water. Sage (pink) requires 2 units of water. And hydrangea (orange) requires 3 units of water. Your watering pot can hold a maximum of 6 units of water at a time.


Master Time left his watchtower, the building that controls chronology, for unknown reasons. In his absence, time has begun to repeat itself and those within it have transformed into more hostile creatures.

Knowing the watchtower's fate, the Jardinier plans to escape, taking their beloved flowers with them, (not without nurturing them first). But the Jardinier has fallen victim to a disease, meaning that time spent on each floor isn't limitless. Can they escape the watchtower and save their flowers?


This game was made for Procjam 2020 and was my first attempt at procedural generation (ever)! The levels, goals and weapons are randomly generated every time you play.

If you're curious about procedural generation and pico-8, I would recommend looking at Krystman's "Making a Roguelike" series. The videos helped me get going with Flowers for Time and taught me about algorithms used to make dungeons.


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These sounds... this graphic... wow :)
I liked it! I wish it would be full screen...
Perfect Job!


 Hi, thank you so much for playing! You can make it full screen by choosing this option here.  

1mo is really really nice.


very nice


I played this game the day it came out and finally had the time to finish up the video! I really liked this game it was so cute and fun 🧡. I didn't realize there was a timer at first but I was golden after that 👍 other than one floor I didn't get a watershed but I think that was just bad luck it was a really well done. Cool game 💙

thank you so much for the play-through!! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game. will definitely check this out ^^


Some sort of logical error.  I had lost a few times while trying to figure out the rules.  (Like watering can needs to be filled multiple times.  I might like to know how full on the screen under my life.  Also the number of steps left as others have requested.)

Then, the game gave me the good ending instead of putting me on floor #1 again.  Otherwise, great game!

thanks for the feedback! you can view how much water you have in the inventory. and dually noted about having steps underneath the life :)


great game but I think it needs a timer so you know how much time you have, but other than that it's really great.


thank you for the feedback and for playing! I plan on doing a patch at some point and will keep the timer idea in mind :)

(although the game doesn't run on a "timer" but a step system, where you have limited actions/steps you can take on each floor, as the floor number increases so does the step count)


Great concept, very cool!